50 People - 4


"The rental agreement you signed is for your room only. You have no say on the other rooms. Since the other roommates have moved out, I must fill those rooms. If you want to try and tell me who I can rent to then you can pay the rent for the other rooms."

"The terms of your rental agreement are you are subletting one room in this three room apartment for a period of three months. When the month of August ends, you must move out as I've already rented out the whole apartment for the next nine month period."

"You can do what you want but your deposit is non-refundable should you move out earlier without following the procedures outlined in the rental agreement."

"Again, you little #*@#*@, I don't owe you any explanation. You want to stop payment on your rental check? Okay I'll change the locks and I'll keep all your belongings! Bastard! I'm hanging up now...."

by Raj Dronamraju

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