50 People - 40


The facts of life are leaving
The facts of life have faxed themselves to another location
Without you, the world turns with jerks and shudders
Without you, the world still turns but only barely

Years from now, I'll call her experience and I won't actually recall any little details separate from experience
Can't remember what her favourite food was or the name of her brother or those of her friends

The facts of life were put into practice
And there we have the drive
And the need to dress up the drive to make people feel better about being human
The facts of life at the end of a maze of social cues, prompts, etiquette, crossed wires etc.

This heartbroken muppet will make a joke of it before very long
That was an equally important experience
I think it will be known what love is in the time ahead
For now we are acting out
Practicing with others not so hung up on a definition or a popular culture creation

by Raj Dronamraju

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