50 People - 44


The first time the airplane shook
The pilot came on the intercom
And said something about turbulence

The second time the overhead compartment above the row of seats in front of me opened and luggage spilled out and bonked a few passengers on the head

I was one or two years from a nervous breakdown
From a divorce with what I'd made out of existence for myself so far
And this was not to be a divorce because of misbehaviour or carelessness or expedience
But of survival

If I looked out the window, I wouldn't see any angels hovering over a wing,
Only more and more smoke trailing
As we shake and roll over one side and the ground starts to seem not so far away

A flight attendant skates by out of control
At first, I am thinking of a fireball, an angelic fireball, I hope to consciously know no part of

There is not a complete pictogram that forms of everything that I have ever experienced
Instead there are memories queuing up and I allow only a few specific ones in
With the hope I can lose myself in them

by Raj Dronamraju

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