50 People - 48


You are a coupon
That other people use to get something at a lower price
And they trade you for a good or a service

You were always happy to hang on the periphery
A smile attached to someone I couldn't see
A smile hung in the air Cheshire-style and we walked by it without a second thought

You are a coupon
Cut out of the Sunday papers and kept in a basket with the other coupons
Will be part of the process of exchange

Odd like a robot
Tense like a feeling
Willing to save but don't know what the final price will be of what you want

At one point, we will all been have been like coupons
Allowing others to take control of our destinies
Hopefully, that's for this week only

What I got back from knowing you
Couldn't be quantified
Couldn't be listed on a receipt or other article of purchase

by Raj Dronamraju

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