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50 People - 5

Poem By Raj Dronamraju


They all envy the man with three wives
Without knowing the downside of having three wives

They all privately roll in their own shame, their own fear of being discovered
What they fear getting out is their desire to live in a remote city built by a pedophile
And monitored by other pedophiles
Where they force 12 year old girls to play the role of wife, lover, whore

They can barely summon enough energy to rattle the boss's doorknob, knock passively and in the end don't give full voice to what it is they wanted to complain about
Go home and dream of women chained in the basement
Your own private slave quarters

They confuse polygamy, fantasies of control, misplaced aggression
Not realizing the limits of their unhealthiness, they have formed an underreported group of those about to burst
To burst like a giant pimple and their confusion lands on and sticks to any woman in the targeted area

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