50 People - 7


Would someone please call the dogcatcher again?
Two calls have already been placed to him but he has not come yet

This neighbourhood has become a drop-off point for people who want to abandon their pets
There are so many stray dogs here that they have formed a pack
And like any animal put back in the wild, they are reverting to pack behaviour
There are number of families on my street with small children
I wouldn't want to see any of those children injured by a stray dog

The dogcatcher is so massive a being than when he walks the ground shakes
He wipes the slate clean and it's possible to see miracles in your front yard
It's possible to see your oppressive habitat lit up by fireworks
The family treatment - the radiance that follows cures all things

So we are stuck waiting for the dogcatcher's next visit
Pinning all our hopes on the eradicator of stray canines
It used to be legal for them to shoot stray dogs but too many people complained
Now they gas them in a stone building without windows

by Raj Dronamraju

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