50 People - 8


The friendly imbecile knows all about you through a social networking website
You added him as a friend without a second thought and he clicked "like" on a couple of your photos

The friendly imbecile lives through the lives of people he has never met and will probably never meet in person
He wishes them happy birthday as if he knew them and dresses up his wishes with emoticons and pasted links to music videos

The friendly imbecile takes liberties that aren't noticed and sits alone in a rented room looking at his on-line friends' list of 600+
He has defined himself not through experience or character but by what records he listens to, what movies and TV shows he watches

That's the way of the idiot, the new oxymoronic relationship category - a distant closeness
That's the way of an artificially created culture - the fusion that failed and the weld that cracked
Our anonymity is the friendship of the future

by Raj Dronamraju

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