50 People - 9


The rite of passage of a boom boom girl is to be captured on film for the first time
A documentary team from a country where people have the time to watch documentaries is here for that purpose

Topless without apology, a boom boom girl juts outward, guide and girlfriend and glow worm and what you find in the dark and hold makes men out of the barely graduated

They are like tourists with sex around their necks instead of cameras and the hope for something better than coca cola before the ending of their stay

But the boom boom girls are a non-specific yet highly structured society, like the military, like cultures that successfully police themselves

Like hyenas or killer whales where females are the ones in charge
Tonight there will not be an amount paid to a pimp-like individual
Instead there will be two groups watching the same show

Two groups that are not mingling despite the efforts of one of them
Quickly, they assume control using both female seductive wiles and brute force

I've been barked at once or twice
Never have I enjoyed it so much
Never have I said "Please, mam, may I have another? "

by Raj Dronamraju

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