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50 Times
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

50 Times

5o times i have wailed
as if i have been impaled
now i can see
that its really me
lying on a stick and rope yet this is just a dream a horrid one dang you rope
dirty and devoid of hope
dead with festering wounds and cut
caught in a blood soiled rut
a trench i dug for myself now i lie in it myself
and the trap i laid and put my heart out to shrivel on shelf i now lie in both
o the fey imbroglio namely life so fey
forgive me if i inveigh
in verse and rhyme
but i do such things all the time
more then the fifty deaths imparted unto to me
yes seven, some deaths i accepted happily...

(God saved me from this rut and this living torture and i no longer die a single death nor did i ever actually died i fooled myself)

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Hi! I’m Eddie Roa and I just got in to this website. By chance I came across your name in the list of poets and read some of your works. I have posted some of my poems today and yesterday. My style ranges from light to dark poetry (modern enough but not postmodern) and some Japanese verse forms like haiku, senryu and tanka. I hope you will bother to check out my work. Thanks and happy writing.