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51 Percent

Poet Chan Mongol
September 11 of 2019

When scores are satisfactory higher
Average is 51 percent or over;
But assess your position who loves you
I would say, ony governments, handful few.

You are really nobody and none
Without support and recognition;
Needing a force, friends to conquer
Thus can be changed old atmosphere.

Requiring the right backup
Guns or talents are not enough;
With a proper management team
The success can brightly beam.

Earthquake doesn't last
Doesn't last the bomb blast;
But men die in that perimeter
Men die in the middle of gunfire.

By bringing hostility, danger
You can be a temporary winner;
But in the long run, you are done
Miserable ending of your overrun!

Control yourself, control the temper
No way to win with the anger;
With steady love and development
Success rate is more than 51 percent.

British changed India's picture
British acted there as the developer;
Anything Britain got, India got
British gave the best love and thought.

British didn't destroy any religion
Rather, well done with reformation;
They gave the way of life, constitution
Brightened minds to stable condition!

They united a country there
To go up, to do better, to prosper!
Britain didn't do the hit and run
Like, in Vietnam, in Iraq USA had done.

Who are aggressors and hateful
Who has the quality to love and rule?
East India Company had good trade policy
They rose with sophisticated diplomacy.

It is up to you what you want to be
A good friend to be loved or an enemy;
To be a good guide and popular
Or, a hateful whom people salute in fear.

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