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(563) An Awesome View

It was a cool night with a slight drizzle in the air.
I stood at the hilltop and was in awe while standing there.
In the distance a rainbow formed, colors beautiful and bright.
I was amazed at this extraordinary awesome sight.

I see mirrors within the still waters, a half moon toward the sky.
I see shadows of large creatures gliding slowly by.
The colours are vivid with tints of periwinkle blue,
and vibrant dashes of mauve sparingly coming through.

A lip formation of moss resting upon a soft face of sand,
welcomes the touch of the Lord's glorious divine hand.
I picture the eye of God in that half moon up above,
sending showers of heavenly tears to all with his love.

The vast ocean resonates with tranquil, serene peace,
yet powerful enough to devour the largest of all beasts.
The Lord has so much love to share with all of you.
God's gift to man are these wondrous awesome views.

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It's all a game of unconscious, where our uncalled fears and unfulfilled desires are reshaped in dreams. We all see such dreams when we are not enjoying a deep sleep. A good poetess like Melvina Germain is capable enough to describe such dreams in a great poem like this. It's a wonderful poem.
The Lord has so much to share with you. i saw mirrors within the still waters. what a fine expression. your poetic vision and expressions are amazing. thank you dear Poetess
You've taken me to that place. A truly wonderful work, now among my favourites...
I salute to your descriptive power, I salute to the universality of messages you convey, I salute to your poetry! ...10
Gifts of God are unique and splendorous. In my poem The Hymn of mercy I have stated Divine Charity. Beautiful poem..Love your ink. Thanks for sharing. Regards.
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