575. Zelenia On Lake Paciano

Beneath the full moon in the centre of the lake
kneels Zelenia the Luna goddess
floating just above the placid surface
staring thoughtfully down at her own reflection

Her pure white robe seems to glow
as her light brown hair is blown by a gentle breeze
her delicate wrists each adorned with a silver bracelet
given to her by a long dead mortal lover

They used to spend their days together
underneath the cherry trees on the eastern bank
at night she would watch over him
keeping him safe as he slept

She sings a lament for his passing
even though it was long ago
crying tears of purest diamond
splashing down into the water like rain

She'll visit his grave again as the sun rises
beneath the cherry trees they loved so much
and there she will stand as she used to do
as if waiting for him to return to her

by Jaden Knight

Comments (1)

This fantasy is so delicate and lovely I want to embrace it in a Lucid Dream.The poise of your words, the quiet unfolding of a life lived purely for love are all pitch perfect. In fact I was not thinking FANTASY which is a priori an admission of unreality. I was thinking HEIGHTENED REALITY perhaps to be realized in some liminal realm. between dimensions.