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578. I Am Described As A Swan
JK ( / Crawley)

578. I Am Described As A Swan

Poem By Jaden Knight

I am described as a swan
not because of the colour I am
or my physical size
it's how I was once defined
by someone I used to know

Duck footed when out of my pool
graceful when I am in my zone
seeming to glide effortlessly
until you look below the water

On the surface I appear serene
underneath there is a flurry of activity
my mind works furiously against the current
just like the feet of the swan move swiftly
to propel it to a destination

I cast fake people out of my life
like a swan pulls out bad feathers
no point in keeping ones that do not work
that will let me down badly when I need them

One day I will spread my wings to fly
but I am happy to remain on my lake
once I was called a dull cygnet
now I am described as a swan

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