5th Of May,2050 (Or Year 0)

Poem By Phan Thanh gian

The time has come, to virtualize your life!
What you cannot see is invisible, yet it's real
The real has no existence and your existence is unreal.

Your companion is a simulation.
Our Great Representative has no shape or form,
His Paramount Leader is beyond this realm.

Great Enemy is nowhere yet everywhere
Martial Law is declared 'til the enemy is eradicated
Finding the unseen is endless...

Without a lie there couldn't be Truth
The untruth doesn't exist unless there is a counter-proof
And the final judgment resides in the Simulated Reality

Democracy dictates majority rules...
Majority demandes democracy for all
The cloak of the majority is omnipotent

Words are merely words
Actions are merely actions
Ends are means and means are unseen

It is time for the Beginning, my brave compatriots!
Today marks the end of the dark past
From now on Time was, is and will be timeless.

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