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The Window
AK (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

The Window

Poem By Diane di Prima

What a good morning my God
And it is 6: 35 am but I am up
And full of energy but excited at the same time to start this new day With friends
Also two days of rest is actually not bad at all
Because now I am finally at rest
Oh my God
Oh my God
Poetry keeps coming out one after another
And I am so focus on it
But my body is rested well today
Beccause it had finally a good rest
And now I need some coffee
So that I can have a little energy to move
Today I don't have to do anything and that is nice for a change
Because they will serve my breakfast and I hope it will be fit for a poet
Like me
Because a poet reguires a good balanced breakfast
And breakfast is the first meal of the day for a poet like me

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If only all poets could live such a relaxing life of leisure on a daily basis! Unfortunately as we all know....it doesn't or rarely doesn't pay the bills! But I do understand Kraas when he says how wonderful it feels to wake up and have a free day to do as you please! Unemployment has taught me this feeling well unfortunately! Lol.