He Ruined Me

I love him.
At times it seems too simple a sentence
To describe the feelings crash through my veins
My stomach clenching into knots so tight
My emotions chew me up and spit me out
So that when I come out, it seems like no one meets the standards
He unknowingly set for me
Yeah, I love him.
My heart bursting into pieces so small
No one but him can see them
So no one but him can hold my heart
My soul shoved away and locked within a box;
Whose key was forged in the shape of his eyes
So only he may lay sight on my soul
I love him.
I have no strength without him
And my strength with him is absorbed by his desire for me
So he has the strength for the both of us
I love him.
And it’s real
So real it burns
Burns with the heat of a fire only his love can put out
So it’s a good thing he loves me too
So he can extinguish the fire he continues to start
The fire I can always see smoldering behind his eyes
I love him.
My patience seems to disappear around him
But he can do no wrong in my heart
While he does all wrong in my eyes
The bad boys always seem to make me swoon
And I love him.
I will never love anyone else the way I love him right now
He set the bar so high; I’ve lost sight of it
But that also means I can’t lower the standards I haven’t set
I love him.
And I will love only him
My first love,
My now love,
My last love,
I love him.

by Morgan Copeland

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The beauty of the sky can be deceiving. Look around the blanket. Splendid imagery you have displayed. Patricia Gale