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#6 (Fate Intertwined)
AP (21-03-1990 / jakarta)

#6 (Fate Intertwined)

Array of light disarrayed
and life bubbles out,
poked and devastated
and swam in dark red sea
It's calling their purpose
move into outside, out to the reality
of shocked shells, of dimmed streets

Everything's broken and mended
and they linger carelessly atop
failing to create, succeed to annihilate
towed by the great sky
Blood runs through the river
of endless stream of endlessness
Explosion sounded soft
whispery voice disturbed

Is this what we called it?
a star shot towards yesterday
the moon shone darkly
at the less fragment of glittery
Take a bow and have a seat
my consciousness has consumed me
to the lowest grade of mortality
I found no reason, i found no sparks..

The end was just in the middle
In the start you've reached an end
even in the darkest darkness you found a glimpse
of peace, of warmth, of shards of joy
Let go of your secured line, exact border
And the flow ebbs slowly, to the realm
of misunderstanding and confusion, and again
The story ends here
The story starts here.

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