AG (4/2/1994 / Riverdale, Ga)

6 Ft. Deep

Lost in a sea of despair
Caused by pain of those who care
Trapped in hells open hole
Wishing the world hadn’t been so cold

Blades to my wrist and the blood starts to fall
Caught in the hold of death’s strong claws
Giving away my soul to stay on the earth
Even though I still end 6 ft. in the dirt

Crying out for g-d to help me
Knowing he made me see what I see
Letting me feel the world’s pain and grief
Trapped needing someone to help me

Instead I subdue to depression within
Grabbing a gun and a blade that pierces my skin
One shot and the blood starts to spill
My body goes limp, no longer do I live

Now my spirits in hell burning
While my body rots 6 ft. deep
Still I feel an unusual peace
Because my mind will rest for all eternity

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