6.Queens Eyes

Poem By Jeff Law

I think of you, a million fireflies they light up my heart just like a prism
A link with you, every second we connect, it feels like my emotions are locked in a prison
The fireflies, ignite with passion when I hear your voice calling out for me
If I could destroy the bars, I’d make this moment ours, just the way it’s meant to be

Every night I fight the eternal struggle with my eyelids they dropp when I picture this place
Drop into darkness as nocturnal takes over; I feel I’m awake as your hand strokes my face
I brace, your kiss it tingles and I taste, the stars this is ours as we hold hands in space
I’m awake, a dream? No mistake, when I wish upon a miracle it’s for you that I wait

One phone call away, I am moved to another world where you and I are King and Queen
A phone call one-day and I will run to your rescue, up on our throne awake from this dream
All I see is your eyes, they’re filled with tears; all that I know is your heart it’s pained with fear
All that I need, is you the image crystal clear, and all that I want is yourself to me near

All I want to say, is that I miss you in every way, of every second of every day
The minute of sixty seconds, the hour beckons another day threatens
I’m here thinking of you, smile eclipsed, with hand on my lips and my eyelids they drip
And as I weep, and the moment it steeps, nocturnal takes over as your Queens eyes drown into sleep

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