DT (6.12.51 / England)

.6. What Will It Be

When I looked into the future
Through a crystal ball I gazed
I couldn’t take in what I saw
It left me feeling dazed

At first I saw some houses
They were floating in the sky
The cats and dogs had wings on
Looking strange to see them fly

A postman wearing hover-boots
Had a levitating sack
It sorted all his letters out
Then sat upon his back

A policeman looked quite noisy
With his helmet rotor blade
On top a blue light flashing
And a siren sound he made

One chased a speeding scooter
With a sign for express meals
It wasn’t much to look at
Having not got any wheels

When I looked a little closer
Why did things hover high?
The earth was one big rubbish dump
A giant stinking sty

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

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Well done for reminding us what we are doing to this beautiful earth. Excellent in the rhyme too. Regards Fay.