DT (6.12.51 / England)

.6. Where Did We

Where did we walk when first we met?
We went for many a mile
Through Cities Towns and countryside
On pavements through fields over stile

Where did we rest when we tired?
I know we rest some on the way
A seat in the mall or bench in the park
Or in meadows where both of us lay

Where did we restore our lost vigour?
I know that we both joined a club
The prices were right on a club night
If not we just went down the pub

Where did we work when we married?
I know you worked in a small shop
My job was a guard in a brake van
I tried to make fast drivers stop

Where did we live with our young ones?
On a street they named after the Trent
It belonged to the old Borough Council
Where we paid nineteen shillings for rent

Where are we now we’re not working?
I know we would do it again
In a small bungalow with a garden
With our crumbling old bones full of pain

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

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