MS (The Twenty-Seventh of January / I was Born in Tuscon Then I moved to Phoenix)

60 Seconds With God

Makayla you have to change.

I listened to what God told me.

Promise me Makayla, you'll show me your good side. I know it seems you have nobody to talk to. You think cares and love you. your WRONG. Makayla you have a lot of people all over this world who cares and loves you. You just need to love yourself to see it.

That 60 seconds with God changed my life. I opened my eyes to what is right in front of my eyes. Instead of looking beyond.. All I had to do is look right in fornt of me.

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ive had tons of those conversations. none of them were able to stick with me all that well but i hope its different for you. faith is a hard thing to come by
wow..........good time with god...........
I very much enjoy the idea you've broached here, a conversation with God. It's a great concept but I think you could make this a truly fantastic piece by expanding upon the idea! Good job.
I really like this, not so much as a poem, but I really like your attitude. What you figured out, what God told you, is what so many people can't see, and what so many people refuse to believe. If everyone could find others that care about them, then the world could be a much better place.
i was right abt u as a poetess. ur a great one. keep on doing and always try ur best, as u do now. thank u
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