I am not making this world my home
For my spirit cries for more from within
It cries to be free of the bondage of sin
To be as one with its maker and God
I have been there, but now I am abroad
Therefore, I am homesick! I want to go home
Back to the place where the angels roam.

- :)

Imagine me where the angels are,
Yes, I am soaring beyond every star,
And kneeling to God, whilst I pray,
Then I wake and do it again, every day.

Where the flowers are most beautiful
The breeze the freshest and always cool.
Imagine basking in the glory of God
Being free of sin, and punishments rod.

Imagine me, while I sing a song,
And nation and nations sing along.
United we stand to praise the king
Imagine I'm with angels, as they sing.

Imagine standing before his throne
Imagine the day I am finally home,
There kneeling before God, I sing a song
A song of praise, as angels sing along.

Imagine the treasures; but not seeing them
As all you want is to sit as his hem.
Imagine the glory of God and king,
Imagine the praises to him that we'll sing.

Imagine, we've been there once before
But we sinned, yet God invites us once more.
Imagine the earnest love of his son,
Imagine getting a chance to return,

To the place where the angels are.
Imagine his hands holding us, near and far,
Just imagine being at Heaven's door.
Imagine worship, O lord of you, I want more.

Imagine being in the place of perfect praise
As more glory to God worshipers raise.
Now isn't this a place you want to go,
Lord Jesus, of you I am very sure.

Imagine the worship we'll sing to Him.
Imagine our hearts filled to the brim,
Filled with love, no evil nor scars;
Our song will outlast the stars.

Many thanks to Cheng Zheng.

by Leslie Alexis

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Great heartfelt poem. -Kylie M. Lynch
I know what you're talking about man. Keep writing and follow the things you love doing. If you do that, you'll never work a day in your life.