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*605 Honey - God's Sweetest Gift
JK (8 September 1933 / Liverpool - UK)

*605 Honey - God's Sweetest Gift

The sweetness of honey - amazing
The taste of honey - sublime
The colour of honey - yellow and gold
The test of honey is time.

More than ten thousand years ago
Humans collected honey
From hives and honey-combs of wild bees
Sweet and golden and runny.

The Ancient Egyptians used it for food
Romans used it for money
The Mayayns as sacred - treated the bee
Dead were embalmed in honey.

Islam promotes honey for healing
For Hindus it's elixir
Buddhists use honey in Madhu Purima
Israel flows with honey so clear.

Honey is called 'The food of the Gods'
Because God created the bee
The bee - collecter - digester of nectar
And makes from it pure honey.

A mixture of fructose and glucose
And water - one part in six
With a range of vitamins and minerals - sure.......
Honey will give you a fix.

When it's made into mead
A sweet viscous - syrupy wine
At a firkin a groat - It will tickle you throat
And you'll end up feelin' just fine.

Honey's produced all over the World
China - Turkey - Mexico
The USA and Argentina
There's honey wherever you go.

The different tastes of the honey depends
On the source of the nectar
Wild flowers or clover or heather or thyme
All checked by the Honey Inspector

Honey is graed as A B or C
Also substandard as well
It depends on its flow and its texture
Also its taste and its smell.

Honey is medicinal in so many ways
Healing an ailment in just a few days
Sore throats and backache and briuses
Just rub it wherever one chooses! ! ! ! !

Working so hard making honey
Busy and buzzing bumble bee
Thank you for making honey so scrummy
On my toasted crumpets for tea! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Verse four - A Firkin is an old English measure of volume
and a Groat is an old English coin. Crumpets are a type
of bread cake favoured by the English Middle Classes
preferably toated over and open fire.

(John Knight - Sunny Colchester - 7 March 2010)

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dear john.....enjoyed reading your honeyed poem.excellent and outstanding.! loved it.....ritty
Honey is sweet and amazing in every way, that is way people have used it as a metaphor; partners call each other 'honey', you mentioned Islam using honey for healing, but they also believe (literally) after death they go to haven, where there is 'rivers of milk and honey'(that would be interesting to see) ......... Enjoyable poem John..........thank you. Milica xo
The last part of it sounds like history lesson form the history channel. The metaphor gets lost at that point. then you need to look at this line: (At a firkin a groat - It will tickle you throat) I think you mean (tickle your throat) instead of (you) . It's kind of a telling piece that offers a history about honey as far as I can see. The first half is stronger as a poem for me. I think it could be trimmed down some. A poet friend// RH Peat
the honey is so lucky to have this sweet poem..wonderful description about it's history, it's contents..ets..enjoyed it
I have some honey from my land, going to eat it soon on bread.Can't wait! My mouth is watering becouse of this lovely poem's reading. There goes' off with my diet! Your words are too convincing, can't keep my stomach quiet..
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