*605 Honey - God's Sweetest Gift

The sweetness of honey - amazing
The taste of honey - sublime
The colour of honey - yellow and gold
The test of honey is time.

by John Knight Click to read full poem

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dear john.....enjoyed reading your honeyed poem.excellent and outstanding.! loved it.....ritty
Honey is sweet and amazing in every way, that is way people have used it as a metaphor; partners call each other 'honey', you mentioned Islam using honey for healing, but they also believe (literally) after death they go to haven, where there is 'rivers of milk and honey'(that would be interesting to see) ......... Enjoyable poem John..........thank you. Milica xo
The last part of it sounds like history lesson form the history channel. The metaphor gets lost at that point. then you need to look at this line: (At a firkin a groat - It will tickle you throat) I think you mean (tickle your throat) instead of (you) . It's kind of a telling piece that offers a history about honey as far as I can see. The first half is stronger as a poem for me. I think it could be trimmed down some. A poet friend// RH Peat
the honey is so lucky to have this sweet poem..wonderful description about it's history, it's contents..ets..enjoyed it
I have some honey from my land, going to eat it soon on bread.Can't wait! My mouth is watering becouse of this lovely poem's reading. There goes' off with my diet! Your words are too convincing, can't keep my stomach quiet..
Interesting. Your maturity as a person is greater than that of you as a poet, however. It's not good to change mood from formal to casual in the middle of a poem. Nevertheless it's good to read the tribute to honey and the bee as both are in trouble in our environment.
the poem is all about honey, the origin and the uses... sweet as honey the contents of this.. the contents are as sweet as honey.. nicely done..
A history lesson about honey...oh how sweet! ! ! I love it.
Sweet words, well composed poem, lovely to read. Mari
A charming tribute to honey. You have been my online professor this morrning. Very nice. As always, Sandra
God bless the bees!
Orange blossom honey is sublime. Thanks for the honey primer, Sir Knight. (smile)