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 Iraq: A Country Without Statistics:
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 Iraq: A Country Without Statistics:

 Iraq: A Country Without Statistics:
The Dead of Iraq: August 2005

Who knows how many have died?
That there are dead there can be no question;
But how many dead? No one knows.
The mutilated, and the crippled,
Scratch their way across the landscape;
The numbers of the dead and the wounded
The occupier has failed to compile;
They will not be condemned by the numbers;
That which we do not know
Cannot hurt us? Can it?
We cannot lament about them;
They are the unlamentables;
They are the disappeared ones;
The Argentines used to call them the 'disaparecidos';
They who used to be real,
As fathers, as sons, as brothers,
As sisters and mothers,
Now they are wraiths;
No one looks for their graves;
The oil scented winds have carried away their voices;
This is a country without statistics,
A country without numbers or records,
The numbers would embarrass them;
Numbers and records are the makepieces of civilization;
Here, there are no exact figures for the dead,
For the injured or the raped;
There is no concern for our tragedies;
In order to count the victims of violence;
One would have to care;
One would have to care.
Someone would have to care.

Ar gaston
copyright 2005

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