*655 God Is Great

O Mighty God - when I observe the wonder
Of Nature's wealth created by your power
I see the clouds - the lightning and the thunder
Ensuing storm and sweet refreshing shower.

by John Knight Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

truly wonderful nature is a true testimony of God's greatness.
very solemn, flowing with serenity Voices from the heart...Words of THRUTH.... I love this...GOD IS GREAT...To Him we owe everything Thanks for sharing this... Maia
hen sings my soul - O Mighty God to you How great you are - How great you are Sustaining everything in view How great you are - How great you are........................no words can be sufficient for HIS prayers. we simply surrender and pray for our well being.. sir nothing to compare ur feeling in any words.... stay blessed always....10 read mine... o, lord.... humble submission.... go back
Then sings my soul - O Mighty God to you How great you are - How great you are This is a real exceptional piece, John, dedicated to the Creator. The words are very well selected to express your true feelings, especially your own personal style of writing.You need to contemplate the nature, which is an indestructible link between you and Him. God bless Mari
as always amazing! ! ! ! ! ! (10)
i like it! ! ! : D
nicely done..GOD made all the beautiful things within 6 days...and in the seventh day all are done so HE took HIS rest and that is the SABBATH day..ur poem is so nice that everybody can appreciate, , , lavs this...smileeeeeeeeeeeee