67 - Freedom Vs Censorship

Your not allowed to question
The mighty heads above
They are right
You are wrong
Suicides are always
Someone elses fault
A horror film
Or Eminem song
We live in a soiciaty
That tells us
Do what you want
Say what you want
It's ok we wont tell
As long as you keep in line
Don't swear
Don't hate
Don't kill
Don't qusetion those in power
Don't speak your mind
Or you'll see the other face of Government
The Dark evil corrupt kind
Keep your religion to yourself
Or you'll become a target of hate
Your white picket fence
Becomes a prison like gate
The freedom Martin saw
in his 63 dream
Was never going to be
How he longed it to seem
For freedom is just a word
It was never our human right
For freedom lost out to censorship
In the southern civil fight
But now like the plague
Censorship swept across the sea
gagging the mouths
That belong to you and me

by nicola burkett

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