67 Shades Of Age

Changing with each phase,
On a stage of life beset with plateaus...
I have grown more reflective.

Young with vision unclear but inquisitive,
Those first steps to take to stumble and fall...
With a getting up to recognize obstacles in my way,
Began to clear my limited vision.
Although adventure invited to ignite further curiosity.
But yet...
Steps to take to stumble and fall continued a recognition,
Until I was made to pay attention as to when and how...
I could prevent a negligence.

Love, heartbreak and from that wishing to escape,
To face the facts that no safe exits from delusions...
Could I fake or chase my emotions away.
They were there to feel with a reality I could not shake.
But a letting go to become brave and bolder,
With fewer shoulders left to drip tears to leave wet...
Began to add and not subtract facts of life.

And forgiving to forget accusations placed to blame others,
For my own decisions made with a consciousness...
Has left me more appreciative,
Of blessings I have managed to get as I age to reminisce...
Each day I awaken to express thankfulness.
To confess with pride to say today,
I lived every moment of my 67 shades of age.

Done with a doing that has been earned,
Without compromising my identity, faith and kept dignity...
When crops of doubts were all about from which to pick,
Something inside of me would not permit me to submit.
And here I am to witness with a gratefulness,
My life as I know it and the growth I could not have predicted.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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