(690) In The Beginning

In the beginning

In the beginning,
there was you and I.
We sat together, under
the clear, blue sky.
You gave me that special
soft touch.
I knew you loved me
so very much.
Now, I’m getting older,
not so pretty to look
at. You toss me aside
and forget, I was your
Sunday best,
Written: Aug./2006

by Melvina Germain

Comments (6)

fantastic poem. A great read. Thanks for sharing this poem. Loved the way it ends, so sudden.
beautiful lines, your earlier work is much much more refreshing :)
this had a nice twist to it.... i like!
Say, what an unsuspected twist at the conclusion. The approach is one of a delicate hand and sweet heart at play. Warmest regards, Greg
this was fun but even with the surprise of the hat, still somehow a little sad. -Tailor
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