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7: 39
CG (July 27,1982 / Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

7: 39

Her alarm clock was always set for 7: 39
She was the kind of person who was always on time
She gave a piece of herself to everyone she knew
She always had an answer for every question you threw

When I had problems, she taught me beautiful lessons
and when she smiled she would ease the tension
But at the end of the day when everyone had gone
She still hadn't showed and I knew something was wrong

You see I knew she always woke at 7: 39
I knew she was here everyday, rain or shine
And I became worried so I rushed to her home
to find a cold body lying helpless all alone

When it came to the arrangements I was asked to give a time
and they looked at me with puzzled faces when I suggested 7: 39
She had told me she never had a lot of friends or a big family
But it occured to be then that she will always remain a part of me

Now the time passes and I can feel her watching over me
and everyday at 7: 39 I take a minute in her memory
I know she's in a better place where the clock is always the same
and I'm thankful that I knew her, even if it was for a short time frame

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Comments (3)

This poem has a lot of poignancy and meaning to it. It's a really special tribute to a special person.
Wow.I like this poem.It evokes memories of friendship.
21 minutes to eight...my rush hour too...