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7 Deadly Sins
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

7 Deadly Sins

Poem By Aram Stefanian

You are face to face with 7 demons at the gates of hell.
It's not your precious soul that they want you to sell.
Lucifer gets hold of you and takes you for a joyride,
Says you're responsible for the most deadly sin - pride.
Asmodeus is viewing a slideshow of your past,
And you see yourself suffering from animal lust.
Belphegor claims that you never had a close amity
Because of your self-destructive obsessive vanity.
Leviathan guesses why you cannot feel groovy,
Since looking at the mega stars you're green with envy.
Belzebul says you never wanted another mouth to feed,
You're tight with your cash, consumed with greed.
Satan is the last one who's putting an accusing finger,
Backing off from you while you're burning with anger.
Astaroth says, ''Now, cool down. Both of us are too lazy.
You're not the only one who has sinned. Don't get stir crazy.
At nightfall the heliophobic demons are coming for you.
Do not fear them. What's good for you they wish they knew.''

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Liked reading it. Excellent combination of myth and poetry - mythopoetic! 10