My Wishes

I wish I were a piece of blotting paper
That would soak tears from all the weeping eyes.
I wish my shoulders were broad enough
For all the mournful mortals to rest their heads on.

I know how bad it feels
To weep alone in a corner, unseen!
I know how difficult it is
To carry on with drooping shoulders.

I wish to sing a song of joy
To all the melancholic, heavy hearts.
I love to see tears run dry
On faces soothed by soft words.

01 June 2016
Copyright Reserved.

by Khairul Ahsan

Comments (8)

Sorry Now that i read you again, i see that your poem does not have any mistakes, it was my mistake..The word feel was the right one as your poem is saying Deeply feel in love with you! is it right or Am I wrong about the mistake, I thought it was suppose to be Fell in love
So perhaps your diction isn't the most intricate and complex out there, but the idea is quite original and not cliche. A great read.
Nicely done...10/10 for me
This is a beautiful poem...very well penned, although I don't like the part of 'the heart not having space for God, no one deserves to be loved in a greater way then God..God is always first...Human beings make each other suffer and we lie to each other and do things that God would never do...God is faith truth and just. If you feel this way, you got it wrong, i see you are really young...And if this poem is about you..and you feel this...try to avoid that feeling...I wanted to mention, you have a little mistake, you need to revise the begining of the poem where it says this..... I am guilty of all sins, since the first day I met you, and deeply -feel- in love with you, -here the word feel is fell-- as you made my world turn. you are a good poet, keep it up sweetie.. God bless you Elena
Super title; eye catching. Great ending. I could picture (mental picture) all the way through it. Liked it. Reminded me of an old (past) girl friend.
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