DT (6.12.51 / England)

.7. In Order

The day I saw tomorrow, was a day like any other
I thought of nothing in per tick, without a lot of bother
Then all at once a thought occurred, alone all by its self
Are we really in our place, or sitting on a shelf

This train of thought began to grow, as large as my left shoe
Without request or even asked, it grew & grew & grew
I tried to reason with it, but it wouldn’t move an inch
Was I really wide-awake, and gave myself a pinch

Yes awake I’m sure of it, a pinch most surely felt
Pulling up my trousers, and fastening my belt
Fully dressed wide awake, assured now without doubt
Wondering now with all my might, what I was finding out

Things all come in stages, like the seasons in a year
Like weekly is just seven days, of that there is no fear
But what if days or seasons, were laid out in a line
Or like a stack of bookshelves, all neat and very fine

So Monday fills the top shelf, with Tuesday next a trend
A stack of seven makes it right, with Sunday at the end
Were we to mix things up a bit, and get before ourselves
Finding we are stacked askew, and sat upon wrong shelves

Well here I sit on Friday, when it’s still the day before
Knowing not of Thursday, as its still shelf number four
Would anybody bother, know why or even who
Had placed me on the wrong shelf, and what I am to do

I could only make a guess, I know I wouldn’t care
If I could see tomorrow, before it’s really there
We cannot help but wonder, what would tomorrow be
Without today we can’t compare, so let’s just wait and see

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

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An excellent rhyme David with some very good asides. It certainly would be a debatable point if we given the choice of seeing ahead. Great read.