JF (October 11,1990 / Miami, Florida)

7 Things I Like About You

There are many thing which I like,
each depending on how you make me feel,
that fear it gives you, when you think you're going under,
and you have no clue if you will come out or not,
the increasing of your heart beat, knowing you can't breathe,
you close your eyes so tight, and then in another second,
it moves along and you go up to the surface again, intact.

I like the wisdom behind each of your thoughts,
how you don't only care about yourself,
but also thinking in others as you go.
I like how you trust others when not mutual,
you care for others which do not like you,
breaking the barrier which separates you.
Making my life so lively.

I like how you are responsible with everything,
doing what has to be done perfectly,
always being there when I have needed you.
I like how you have learned care for me,
making it so easy for me to come to you,
as I feel so special inside with your touch.
Sparkling up the universe.

I like how you charm everyone around,
acting so cool and calm around strangers,
being the center of attention, ever so pretty.
I like how you have always made me smile,
cheering me up no matter what happens,
always there for me when I am down.
Being my only purpose.

I like how you have learned to love me,
being ever so tender in your touch,
caressing my skin ever so gently,
kissing me as I have always wished,
making love to me as only you can,
speaking the tone which melts my soul,
being what only you can, yourself.

As I love you and always will,
being ever so grateful for what you have done,
respecting you like you have always have,
joining my soul with you becoming one,
waiting for you on the other side when I go,
sitting there patiently as I wait,
murmuring the name of my love.

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Comments (4)

I love my invisible fiance for many decades. I love her more than my God.In a world of love I do not see any sin. God threatens me to punish for the sin He created. Thanks Javier for this piece.
THAT IS SO SWEET! ! ! WHO IS IT 2? ? ? ? ? ?
...Beautiful! Describes very well what you love about that person, not their looks, but what they have inside... love it.. x3, millie
BEAUTIFUL! ! faves! so expressive and full of the loving emotion. good write! ! <33