Remember buying a loaf of bread
For less than a dollar?
To have change left over?
And not be bothered,
About the the high cost to add
Hotdogs and beans.
With a promise to pay,
The corner grocery store owner,
Fifty cents more...
After leaving the store.
And that promise was accepted?
You're old.
And those days are long gone.
Along with that kind,
Of trust and honesty.

Soon I will be 70!
69 is about to leave and go.
To know,
I've been blessed to grow.
And achieve,
The receiving of such a gift.
With few surprises,
I have yet to experience.

Leaving behind 69 to value,
Time I had not wasted.
To appreciate a peace of mind.
Is for me miraculous.
As I reminisce,
All the risks I have taken.

And here it is...70!
Staring me in the face.
With no excuses left to make.
What a relief.
Even though, periodically...
My emotions are visited,
By those who have gone...
Kept in my mind and heart,
To miss.

Approaching seventy,
Is not a joke.
Especially these days,
When it seems...
Easily I can become provoked,
By younger folks who perceive
Achieving the age of 70,
I am unable to see through...
The stupid things they do.
As if I didn't do them too!
When I thought I knew,
But didn't.
At the age of 70?
I can at least pretend,
I lived long enough...
To obtain wisdom.
Whether or not I'm given,
The respect from anyone...
Having that to give me,
With it decided to listen.

Tell me 'again'...
How much bread use to cost.'

Why are you rolling your eyes?

'I'm waiting for you,
To tell me how you worked...
For weeks.
To pay for hotdogs and beans.'

When did I tell you that?

'Yesterday. The day before.
Last week and...'

What is your point?
My mind is as sharp today,
As it was in the 50's.


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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