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(708) Joy Of Christmas

Christmas, a joyful time of year.
Fun-filled days, lots of holiday cheer.
Children all over the world, year after year,
Wait for this special day in the hopes
of many gifts to open and play.
How soon we forget, the true
meaning of Christmas.
Sweet Jesus was born on this joyous day.
In a manger in Bethlehem oh, so far away.
No pillow for his head.
No blanket for his bed.
A true gift from God, our Father
Let us praise him instead.

Written: Dec.2/06

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Melvina, this is similar to my poem, The Reason for the Celebration, where people were getting busy preparing for the coming christmas, and they forgot the reason, who is the reason for the celebration. I am glad this poem brings a message to evryone, that it's Jesus we celebrate..some are commercialized already, others dont' even bother to thank God, he gave His Son to us because He loves us..Again, another masterpice of yours, marks hugs, Meggie
The inane drone who commented before me should be ignored....We have been tracking all her comments since she started here...all put-downs...sad when talentless resorts to jealousness on top of it all....Cowardness is her real trademark, though, as you cannot even message her...she dishes, but sadly is not strong enough to take it in return MELVINA...Sometimes there is a call for simplicity when all has been told on a particular short this is, as so it should be, but sweet as the Night, you you speak of in your piece.... FJR