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714. Good Night My Dear

My dear it is time for bed
as the sun is slowly setting
best put your toys away now
as even they need to get their rest

You have spent all day playing
in your land of make believe
pretending to be everything you can think of
with your imagination your only limits

Your sheets are awaiting to enfold you
to take you to the land of your dreams
where the fairy princess awaits your arrival
to share more exciting quests with you

Don't let the darkness bother you my dear
as the sun will rise up to wake you
your toys will be happy to see you again
so you can begin new adventures with them

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Such a great philosophical piece of marvel...As human beings we need rest to renew our energies...there is always time for everything..a time to play and a time to dream..a time to work and a time to rest...Congratulations for being chosen as POD..10++++++
To the land of your dreams! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
So soft words quite suitable to be told to a child who has been playing day long with the toys. Congrats
Loveliest words in this poem, directed to the poet´s kid, but this child must go to bed, he may not play anymore, it is bedtime. Tomorrow there is a new day again to play with the toys. They are also glad to be able to sleep now. This kid must play all day long in his toy-room, while the parents are busy with their work. Sweetest words in this poem, but hard existence for a kid playing alone all day long. A lovely song with melancholic tunes. Congrats!
The concluding stanza is much impressive and meaningful. Beautiful poem. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.
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