Poem By Andre Bradford


thats the score of my credit
damn, im so proud
avoidin the debt that so many have allowed
i cant get laxed and go beyond my means
that 7 2 5
let me tell you what it means

one of the few in my family
to finally get right
to not buy the benz and live in the projects
thats just not right
my 725 makes my jetta like a rover
oh my credit, it stands strong like a soldier

dont laugh at my happiness
or try to bring down my high
because im so caught up in my 725
now you may laugh and say
whats the big fuss
your only 21...soon that number will hit the dust

well to those naysayers
who laugh at my seven hundred plus
i may be 21....but i know about stocks, bonds, and trust
im an educated man
about to graduate with my BA with an MA on the way
the costs Im savin already
i worked hard and kept my champagne desires at bay

that 725 will stay with me forever
my desire and determination to let it be
to not let those videos and magazines deter me
keep the rims on the escalades
keep the spoilers on the beemer
cuz my 725 is on my side, its a keeper

so i hope you remember my favorite number
its 725
i keep my eyes on my credit
like a sex aholic lookin at a thick gurl's thighs
watch out world
cuz im focused, with my big eyes opened wide
hard earned save money
it all started with a 725

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