(727) Christmas Past

Oh happy days, the snow fell over-night,
we have a white Christmas in our sight.
Only a few more days and nights,
Christmas will shine bright of white.

by Melvina Germain Click to read full poem

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((727) Christmas Past by Melvina Germain.) … Remember those beautiful Christmas Eves, _______________________________ **Reflections and celebration.
I like it. nice rhyming. when do I get my gift? ? ? as a kid, I was lucky enough to not only have gifts to unwrap, but also a “stocking”, and it was really ‘hung by the chimney with care’.! ! it was great to delve into the deep cavity retrieving edible and an inedible treats. but snow and lights and singing was also nice! you (I guess) and I are privileged to have pleasant memories of Christmases past. bri to MyPoemList :)
'Remember those beautiful Christmas Eves, when we gathered round our colorful trees. Remember when we caroled down the street, sang Christmas songs oh so sweet.' loved the rhythm joy life infused into this poem especially in the stanza above 'Memories are precious let’s not forget, don’t do anything you might regret. Christmas is the time of year to share, to treasure family far and near.' loved the honouring of family and values in the last quoted stanza, beautiful verse Melvina :)
Hearty congratulations on being poet of the day! It's a wonderful poem, very sweet and soothing.
Well done, Melvina. Congrats on poem of the day. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
It will be warm (relatively) and no snow here this year, but I do remember the glee when I was a child
the best poem ever i have ever read in my life
Fond memories of Christmas past when I was a child, and now I'm creating memories with my own family, by passing on traditions. Hugs, Dee
how beautiful the image of white Christmas. magnifico' Melvina. -Tailor
Cheers for all the warm memories of Christmas that we keep in the landscapes of our minds. And cheers for your lovely, nostalgic poem as well. Take care, Melvina. Love, Sandra
Beautifully said Melvina, God's blanket of white just seems to complete the senses......memories of how it was when we were a child...........Diane
Christmas memories, from our Childhood, to our Children...Priceless... A Nice Penning, Melvina''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''F j R
Beutiful piece Melvina....