Postman & Sandman

Dear Mr Postman & Sandman,

Will you deliver this message somewhere out there; to my other half that completes me! Although I'm not ready yet I have something to say:

Let me reduce my background noise
To speak clearly to this man that is no longer a boy!
I am sort of slender but extremely Tender...
I love you too much to be a friend (Never) but forever has no end!
Individuality is me - I don't want to be apart of your streets -
I lived in the hood -but hood is not in me -
(Its in You)
I accepted you and that's that -
not Disrespect! After your work hours - I don't wanna hear all that mess but to caress your stress and say baby what's NEXT!

I don't have a need to be - other than me! No front line or a corner eye only a vision of you seeing CLEARLY!
Ask yourself without convincing yourself a lie. Can you look me in my eyes And tell me I can trust you.
That I no longer have to hurt/ cry but wet tears because I am the apple of your eye!
If not! We can go on living a lie - with other's But its not fair to them that even if you try.....
To smother - you will always love me Brother - you can still live awhile longer Undercover - Me mentally - morally - I don't have time for another. And If I try - they wouldn't have all of me - I DIVORCED because I REFUSE to live that lie...
and pretend I'm trying! so to speak! ! !
It will still be our lie! In our minds
That runs deep...

You repeat Nothing to do with Me!
That tear you wipe from your eyes when I speak its because.....
YOU Still You Love Me!

Tara W. Johnson
and if you not talking to me
My apology for speaking freely
Message in a 🍼🍼🍼
It shouldn't be found till 2016!

by Tara W. Johnson

Comments (5)

this is a very powerul poem i love it. God Bless
A write full of hurtful past. Well portrayed
This is said with such passion, a poem full of feeling Love duncan X
An honest record Melvina.Children! what a precious gift?
A very sincere expression of your beliefs, and well-written, Melvina. - Will