MG (N/A / Sydney, Nova Scotia)

Black Rain

Black rain streaked my beige gold face.
It had nothing better to do.
Black rain streaked down through clouds above,
A sign of strange colored lover's love.

Black rain dappled the green waters of my pond,
The spread it's black upon the open sea.
Black rain went pitter-patter on my window pane,
Then it splattered through the sands of my desert.

This no color water, changed my life around,
Telling me where all Truth could be found.
Then it let the blue rain comes back,
On the pond, the sea, window pane and desert.

Then as it left, it whispered in my ear,
Black rain will show you the Way again.

I couldn't quite get the knowledge I seeked,
From black rain's ultimate leave.

I tried to find out the Truth,
That black rain had put forth to me,
Yet this remained a black mystery,
The Way it spoke about, alluded me.

Black rain, now rained torrentially,
It watered itself in tropical places.
It rained down black on the ocean faces.

And then I finally understood! ! !
All colors were camoflaouged, wherever I looked.
So the mystery of God would never be unlocked.
That's what Black Rain had definetly meant,

As never to question, whatever was Heaven sent.

by Vera Sidhwa

Comments (5)

this is a very powerul poem i love it. God Bless
A write full of hurtful past. Well portrayed
This is said with such passion, a poem full of feeling Love duncan X
An honest record Melvina.Children! what a precious gift?
A very sincere expression of your beliefs, and well-written, Melvina. - Will