(760) Beginning To Beginning

Born of innocence,
to this vast universe.
Nurtured by parents,
played with our friends.
Educated by many teachers,
worked with our colleagues,
learned by mistakes.
Over and over through the years,
we shed a tank full of tears.
Hurt by our enemies,
used up by close family, whom
we love unconditionally.
Forgive, never forget, but have no regrets.
Covered by Jesus, who will never leave us.
Know right from wrong,
sing great gospel songs.
Give the glory to God each and every day.
Put away old jealousies,
clean up old wounds.
open closed doors,
walk with a song in our hearts.
Keep a smile on our face,
become a mentor to many in this growing
human race.
Experience this and we will have what
it takes, to take our place and enjoy a
senior embrace.
Share our treasures of learning throughout
the world.
Teach the children, little boys and little girls.
Senior citizen’s we are, a wealth of knowledge
and wisdom has accompanied us thus far.
Put pen to paper, and we’ll know
what to do.
It’s just the beginning and God will see us
Written: Aug.9/2006

by Melvina Germain

Comments (3)

Based on your work, and so many others here at poemhunter, it is obvious that seior citizens have plenty to offer. Great write, Melvina! Brian
encouraging message, Melvina. lingering on the struggle. nice work. -Tailor
Sweet poem with a long life ahead of it. Very well expressed and constructed. A pleasure to read it. Love Ernestine XXX