TJ (17th June 1958 / England)


A number very much towards the thin end of infinity:
Three times the number of Tesco stores
But only a third of McDonald's;
The number of years needed to take us back to the dawn of recorded time -
Well past the Iliad, the Odyssey, the Maya and the Pyramids
To the very first 'modern' human settlements,
To the beginning of the end of transhumance,
To Sumer and signs and shapes in clay
That would be buried then uncovered & decoded in our day.

Someone's PIN number,
Tapped-in times daily like a crazy magic,
Translating digits into all kinds of currency:
Food, clothes, cars and iTunes downloads –
A sort of key to the Door of Infinite Variety...
Provided the software sentinel guarding the gateway
Gives you leave to enter,
Else you'll be locked out of your personal Eden
Like Adam and Eve after that Tree of Knowledge apple.

A product number for a Star Wars 'Hailfire Droid' Lego construction kit;
The Paris postal address of a Chambre d'Hôte
Beside the famous Père Lachaise cemetery
Where serious types like Balzac, de Lesseps, Molière & Champollion,
Rub cold shoulders with the likes of Marcel Marceau, Oscar Wilde & Jim Morrison;
A Gas Cloud in Pisces, recorded and catalogued -
23: 27.2 (hours: minutes) : Ascension,
-00: 11 (degrees: minutes) Declination.

The grand sum of the days of twenty-one years
[Duly calibrated for the 5-odd February 29ths]:
The time you've been 'Grace', my daughter,
[Though I had been wishing you into being from far earlier,
I so wanted to see you, hold you and talk with you].
It's been a privilege to watch you grow into yourself, your prime
And I hope, at 21, the life of your time.

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Wonderfully original and beautiful homage to daughter Grace. 21! ! Wow! ... Does that make me feel old! Hope she reads this, as this testament of love is one of the finest I have ever read.
On reading this I am overwhelmed by the wish that I had had a father like you - - Tony this is a novel and wonderfully informative birthday verse to your 'Grace' who I hope graces it with the prominent place in her life it deserves.... so expertly written..... fondest wishes from Fay....10 +++
I wondered what had inspired this strange mix of poetry and science when I read the first verse. Then I reached the final stanza the import of the number 7670 became beautifully and tenderly clear. What a fabulous birthday poem! Filled with fascinating facts, magical trivia and ideas that stretch the imagination to the very edge. And then the intensely almost apologetic final verse which shares that special love that only a father knows. I hope she keeps this to show her children on their 21st. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥