(77) So I'M A Homo Sapiens

So I’m a homo sapiens sapiens
A peculiar kind of bod
Not so different from a chimpanzee
But a little more like God

Cursed and blessed with language
And a vast hubristic pride
With the dangerous tribal nature
Of the wolf that trots beside

There is always ‘them and us’
They are always ‘other’
They could live in foreign lands
Or they could be my neighbour

And its always right to be on top
Doesn’t matter if they suffer
They are different from us
Not like you and me my brother

And when the mob is howling
I am howling too
And if its blood the mob is after
It’s the ‘other’ we pursue

And what is ‘other’ shifts and changes
So you have to watch your back
You could end up torn and bleeding
At the mercy of the pack.

for Ben and Missies 'So I'm...' project

by David S Dennis

Comments (3)

David, son of C J, perhaps? This poem certainly has the flair and easy conversational style of the great man himself. Excellent cautionary piece. love, Allie xxxx
I really liked the droll, tongue in cheek style of this. Hugs Anna xxx
A stylishly penned contribution... wit and wisdom in there. t x