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(78) The Lizard And The Inquisition

Janus was a Gemini
As am I
Looking both ways
Gates and beginnings
Being both ways
Thinking and feeling

Lizard I
The real me
Limbic hedonist
Wild but feckless

The other me
Señor Grand Inquisitor
Construct of the intellect
Policeman of the psyche
My jailer

Servant of rules
And fearful of the outside world
Within the fortress
Peering from the high bench
Declaiming sophistry
Cool analytical dispassionate judgements
Rooted in fallacy
And specious idolatry
And casting them down
With terrible consequence

Oh to be a simple creature
Free of this dichotomy
Free of this stricture
Free to be me
Free to be happy

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Comments (5)

'To be or not to be? ' Seems young Hamlet had your problem too. A brilliant piece which uses a little history and a bright mind to articulate a personal astrological struggle with the contradictions of head vs heart. This one helps me understand my Gemini daughter... Great poem. love, Allie xxxx
i dont want to say i love it because.. i havent read others yet but so far..i love it lolz luv, Me
Liked the image of lizard. Great. Laso the honesty with which you wrote the poem. Liked the way you wrote the whole poem. Each idea in one or two words; like arrows shot straight from the heart.
Love this Dave, did you know that Gemini's are renowned for their verbosity and great communication skills? ! I like this one a lot but not so sure of the self-debasing ending! Never put yourself down, unless of course, it's tongue in cheek! There's plenty of others who can do that unprompted in this life! ! Great write! HG: -) xx
Is it crowded in there m'man? Love it however, there's always room for an intellectual disagreement... IDC