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797. As An Infant Cries, I Cry, I Cry And I Cry. 021208
RS (22-May-1969 / Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

797. As An Infant Cries, I Cry, I Cry And I Cry. 021208

Poem By Raman Savithiri

How will I tell my sorrow?
To whom will I tell my sorrow?

Heart breaks, body shudders
Throat blocks, tear pours.
I find no words.
Heaving chest drenches,
In stream of tears.

I find no way,
To break this cage.
Am I an eternal jailbird?
Knotted in a cage made by myself!

Unable to loosen the clutch of ignorance,
Unable to find the root of ‘I’ the ego,
I pretend to be wise,
By walking among the sheep,
As another sheep.

Know not where to go,
Know not what to do,
Pursuing external knowledge,
When the heart is dark,
With thick clouds of feelings.

From the brain a storm
Blows with thoughts,
To fan the burning ego.
The ever burning flames
Of Sun may die one day.
Will the ego die some day?

Where does the world go?
Where do I go?
What is the intention
Behind the monstrous universe?
What am I?
What is world to me?
Pushing away these
Problems of crisis
I pretend to be very busy
In making money and making love

At times the honest heart
Mocks at my hypocrisy
Knocks me from inside
To wake me up

Unable to bear the hits
Unable to tear the skin
I cry I cry and I cry
As an infant cries
To express its twinge! 021208

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Comments (6)

A very good expression of inner emotional storm, depth, and waves, without showing any symtems externally, that was great Thank you for sharing.
Wow Raman that was really spectacular.. a great flurry of words and questioning of oneself. The self is a really dark subject for me especially so I appreciate this innermost heartfelt piece...10 to you dear
Knocks me from inside To wake me up crfted lines. as if written by a student of litterature.
Very often, tears lighten a heart. The poem reveals the heaviness of a suffering heart that cries for relief thro' tears and words of sorrow.
this being your 100 th poem, has come off very well as a master piece...your self enquiry methodology is great