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7th Dream

I hear your words
My dearest angel
Tri-spirit of an eternal god
You have chosen me
Ones parading as twos
Leaves the threes so confused
Last left to defend
An unspoken voice of clarity
Embrace my affection; submit
Let me arrive to your conclusion
Allow me to align my favorite star
As I brush my hand against your
My queen, I see; in all eternity
Risen from the ruins of a headless empire
To erupt a conscious
Develop the soul
A Persian princess in a dream
Delivering the words to heed
Never a softer sheet nor elegant throne
This place must be heaven
Interwoven with esteem and knowledge
Only a carefree frustration
That I have never listened until
Now as I sleep a universe away
So far to come here
Such journeys of strategy
And conquest
Wrapped up in familiar obscurity
A faint whisper of jasmine and
Burning oil
Her auburn eyes indulge themselves in my
Own complexity
Pure of judgment or criticism
All seems deemed necessary
Confusion aside, she asks me
“Do you know who you are? ”
I can only respond filled with tears
“No, but I know you.”
Glowing hazels join my unwarranted
“You are as I!
You are the god you search for! ”
So few yet greater
Than any other sum
Finally I am consumed
By your embrace
I have arrived to your conclusion, lord!

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