AV (1-31-92(finally 18) / )

8: 22

Well its 8: 22
I though that i would be doing something new.
Im sick of men
and drunk again.

This really sucks.
I need a couple hundred bucks.
I really need another beer
Why is my brother being such a queer?

I feel depressed
and very stressed.
My jake is on recovery for 45 days
and it is putting me through alot of dismays.

My friends i love.
I always will.
Forever no matter whats around those bends.
The end.

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Hey Princess! Life is very short.
I this poem. I hope you feel better. Bien!
I hope you feel better. I like this poem. You use such a rhythmic flow. Bien!
Hey Alex! ! letz cry letz smile letz whisper letz sing......... hmmm sick of hate this is life
oh what a cute litle poem.hey don't be depressed or stressed.enjoy your life in each way.thee are happiness and sadness that des ot mean we will stop living fuly..live happily alex.take care and nice written