Poem By Abby Wesson

Rain is love
It’s that passion that lasts only for a moment
It’s making love with no care
It’s that feeling when your favorite song comes on
And you connect to your dreams
Rain is gone in minutes as is love
A misty fog covering everything,
With a light to lead you
It’s something to look forward to
Someone forgotten
It’s to cleanse,
All things you wish would wash away
It’s the water without an emulsifier
A pain reliever for scars still visible
The great boom of thunder in a gently lulling scream
Another appreciation left unnoticed
It beats you and caresses you
All in one wonderful sweep of mistake
And then when lightening strikes
Back comes pain and fire
Fear overtakes
And all the shivers you held in loss,
Are burned away in shock
You can’t hold it
You can’t keep it
All you can do is watch it
Leaves, returns, goes again
Contentment follows with every dropp left behind

Comments about 8-27-2006

a good write, right to the point, no holding back, putting those feelings in to words, that is what it is all about, good job

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