(81) Nature Boy

A busker on a unicycle
Dances with the birds
As teaming hordes of grey brained apes
Wend their way to work

He juggles socks to their delight
N couldn’t give a rats
If the price of oil is up or down
Or the wheat board has collapsed

And every now and then
I feel I’d like to be that fool
To bare my soul to nature
While the pigeons burble “cool”

by David S Dennis

Comments (8)

I LIKE IT. to MyPoemList :)
this one made me laugh for some reason Avery rear occurence treasure it lolz luv, Me.
a very nice piece, well said, well writen.
I love the title of this poem, it certainly fits. Again your imagry is strong, you certainly bring the reader into the poem and that's what makes a great poet. Certainly this poem deserves a big (10) . Thankyou---Melvina---
Nature Boy has a real atmosphere to it and a strong sense of rebellion. Top marks. Patrick
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